Sage is a Nicaraguan-American visual and NFT artist. Her work can be described as pop-surrealism and it explores themes like emotional trauma and how it affects all aspects of our lives as well as our ability to heal these traumas through our own consciousness. She believes it is through the subconscious mind we can access information about our behaviors and thought patterns and heal them at a primordial level." The better we can understand our brain and survival mechanisms the better we can treat things like mental illness. Anxiety was very prevalent in my life and it led me through a life long journey to find the cause and how to heal it". 
Her work involves dreamlike portraiture and figures along with whimsical illustrative elements, curious critters, and abstract shapes in oil and acrylic medium on wood, canvas and digital mediums. Her delicate colors and gradients offer a mysterious and immersive viewing experience , there is an overwhelming energy that comes from the creation process of her work and there is an intense force behind it, " I have a condition, it is not commonly known or understood, but if it wasn't for this I don't think I would have a certain self-awareness, many of us have forgotten what it means to be human, society doesn't teach us how to be human, creativity is how the universe expresses itself." 
She incorporates ancient healing traditions like pranayama breathing, smudging and Tibetan healing bowls into her practice. " I believe the creation process is a sacred communication between the mind and creation itself"
She studied Fine Art in East Los Angeles College and Animation in Santa Monica College. She has worked with companies like Bank of America, Fox Interactive Media and LAUSD.
Art Share LA - Unconscious Complex- Los Angeles, CA- 2019
LA City Brewery- Los Angeles, CA- 2019
Indie Faire - Santa Monica, CA- 2019
Independent Artist- Small Works Inspired by Women- Virtual Exhibition- 2020
Independent Artist- Communicating Soul To SOUL- Virtual Exhibition - 2020
Bergamont Station Art Gallery- Art For Hearts NFT Benefit Auction- Santa Monica, CA- 2021
CrytpoLUVR- Agahnomaly- Virtual Exhibition, Oct 2021
NYC NFT- Mask Ephemera- Edison Ballroom, Times Square- New York- Oct 2021
Cryptovoxels Atelier and Gallery- Figure Glyphs- May 2022
Oncyber - Spoonie Collection - August 2022

Create Magazine- Art Queen Society- 2022
Sinister Wisdom: A Multicultural Lesbian Literary and Art Journal - 2022

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