I am Sage, a Nicaraguan mixed media artist and writer working from Los Angeles, CA. 
My artistic philosophy is to always work with materials that come from nature and make everything by hand to have a mindful practice and encourage mindful consumption. I make my own handcrafted paper through recycled materials and natural organic material like dried flowers and herbs. I use reclaimed wood to make my own wooden panels and use pigments that I have collected from nature like cherry bark. I incorporate themes like spirituality and healing of core beliefs through metaphors like the valley of dried bones and the apple of paradise. I use both abstracts brushstrokes and shapes as well as figures and portraits to express my works.
I am experienced with meeting deadlines, finishing projects on time and being on time for in person events. I have worked with organizations like Magic Mind NFT and received a project grant from them. I was able to complete an illustration on time as well as a Medium interview with them in a professional manner and provided all required elements. I was able to coordinate and work with 12 other artist in this same project. I also did a live VR interview and presentation with a live audience for Blockchain Universe on a same day notice. In September I volunteered for Bergamont Station In Santa Monica, CA and had my work exhibited in a physical NFT gallery. 100% of the proceeds were donated to youth programs for children's activities.

I have made some of my artwork available as NFT's to collect.

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